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Respiratory Nursing

Respiratory Nursing

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Course description:  This course will provide an in-depth overview of the  physiology and pathophysiology related to the nursing care and management of an individual during the acute phase of pulmonary disorders.  

Expert Guest Speakers include a Physician, Respiratory Therapist and Physiotherapist

Course Topics:

·        Anatomy & Physiology Review and Pulmonary Blood Supply

·        Oxygen & Gas Transport

·        Respiratory Nervous System and Respiratory Assessment

·        Tracheostomy and Airway Management

·        Chest Trauma, Pneumothorax, Pleural Effusion, Chest Tubes

·        CHF and Pulmonary Edema

·        Pulmonary Embolus,  Thoracic Surgeries

·        Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis Pneumonia B

·        Acid Base Balance and Blood Gas Interpretation

·        Chest Physio,  Respiratory Pharmacology/Device Techniques

·        CXR Interpretation and Respiratory Diagnostics

Course Length: 36hrs

Course Dates: TBA




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