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IENCAP/ARNAP (OSCE) Prep Course in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon

IENCAP/ARNAP (OSCE) Prep Course in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon

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"I recently passed the IENCAP taken last February 21, 2019. I got a score of 3.7. I want to thank HCPT especially to Ms.CLAUDINE and Ms. VIKTORIA during my review classes and during the simulation. Ms. Claudine was so kind and she inspired me to achieve this one time exam to become a Registered Nurse in Canada, Ms. Viktoria on my simulations, for teaching and guiding me well during my performance. For that, I am thankful to HCPT in helping us to achieve our goal to become a Registered Nurse in Canada." #roadtoRN Karen, February 2019 Student

"I have written Osce in February 2019 after attending preparation course from HCPT. I am glad to inform you that I have got my result today and I passed. I would like to say thank you to HCPT for helping me to do this. Thank you." Jaina, February 2019 Student

"I am glad to announce that I cleared my IENCAP exam Jan 23rd with 3.59 score and 85% in mcq.Thanks a lot for your support, help and efforts,without which I wont be to make it." Shymol, January 2019 Student 

"I just received my results this morning and I am happy to announce that I passed with good scores. All thanks to our teacher who took great effort to train us and prepare us for the worst. I express my sincere thanks to the HCPT team for all the hard work put in." Cristina, January 2019 Student 

"Greetings of the day!!!This is Bincy and I am glad to inform you that I successfully passed IENCAP and have got eligibility to write NCLEX RN.Thanks a lot to the entire HCPT team. Thanks a lot for coming all the way to Edmonton and making it possible for me to attend the course. Again, I appreciate all the effort you and your entire team put in for our success. Have a great day!!!" Bincy, June 2018 Student

 "Hi HCPT,Thank you for all the help during the OSCE preparation and review. I just got a letter from CNO stating that I am now eligible to take the NCLEX -RN EXAM. I can’t thank you enough for all the help. Please extend my gratitude to the teachers for their patience and dedication to help IENs. Thank you again and more power. Definitely recommending you to my friends." Lhara, June 2018 Student 

 "Warm greetings!! I am glad to announce that I passed OSCE exam which is conducted in Ontario. Here I am expressing my sincere thanks to HCPT. Your teaching lessons were really helpful for me. Highly appreciate it. Once again thank u so much 😊." Ronu, June 2018 Student

 "I am pleased to let you know that I passed the IENCAP last Feb. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to HCPT College for helping us pass the exam. Special thanks for providing each student time and attention in thoroughly explaining different OSCE strategies which I found extremely beneficial. Once again, thank you, and I wish you  all the best as you continue to help more IENs.-Charisse, February  2018 OSCE

 " I would like to thank all the HCPT staff for the guidance and support for the eight days of OSCE training classes, I have passed the IENCAP exam.Thank you so much!"-Sonya, Feb 2018 OSCE

 "I want to inform you that i passed my IENCAP.The classes were really helpful.Thank you for your support!" - Archa, Nov 2017 OSCE 

 "I passed my OSCE. Thanks for all the support and guidance through our journey. Really appreciate your hard work. Also, thanks to all the other staff of HCPT -Nisha, Aug 2017 OSCE

 “I have taken OSCE prep course from HCPT for the April 7, 2017 OSCE. I am pleased to inform you that I have received my results and I have passed OSCE. I want to say thanks to all the team of HCPT, especially our mentor for her guidance and support throughout the course.” Jasmeen, HCPT College Student 

 “I am happy to inform you that I passed OSCE Examination by God's grace. I appeared for OSCE Examination on February 23rd 2017.I am really thankful to my OSCE instructor for all the guidance and support which helped me to achieve this goal. Moreover heartfelt thanks to all of the HCPT team for arranging such a helpful OSCE preparation course.” Gisha, HCPT College Student 


Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program (ARNAP) and the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP)

An important part of the application process for all internationally educated nurses is determining nursing program equivalency, for registration as a Registered Nurse.  For RN applicants, this means the Nursing Licensing Body evaluates the educational background to determine if you have successfully completed a program of study that has prepared you with the nursing knowledge, skill and judgment equal to that of a recent graduate of a Canadian university baccalaureate nursing program.

If the Nursing Licensing Body has determined that your program does not meet the program requirement, then you will be asked to complete an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) before the Nursing Licensing Body can proceed with your application.

The Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program (ARNAP) and the IENCAP is a standardized assessment that tests the knowledge, skills and judgement of internationally educated nurses (IENs) seeking nursing registration in Alberta and Ontario. In addition to nursing skills, the ARNAP/IENCAP will assess candidates’ language proficiency and comprehension, performance in client interactions, ethics, and professionalism. 


OSCE Prep Course to prepare for ARNAP and IENCAP


Program Description

This program will help the nurses to prepare and build confidence for participating in OSCE. This prep-course will assist nurses to identify strategies to enhance performance in standardized assessment process through hands-on experience. The participants will gain an understanding of how to effectively demonstrate and communicate their ability to conduct clinical assessment in a safe learning environment. The program will further allow the participants to take a history, conduct physiological measurement, manage challenging communication, make a diagnosis and develop a plan of care for treating patients’ while maintaining an appropriate attitude to a patient or situation.


Program Benefits & Highlights

¨        Designed for Internationally Educated Nurses

¨        Comprehensive prep-course, online theory and several days of in class practical experience

üComplete review of entry-level competencies for Registered Nurses

üClinical skills  encounters  and case scenarios:

o    to demonstrate health history taking

o    interview  skills, and

o    perform a complete physical examination

üPre and Post multiple choice test to assess knowledge of key Entry-to-Practice competencies for the Registered Nursing Profession in the area of Professional Responsibility and Accountability, Service to the Public and Self-Regulation

¨        Experienced Facilitators with a history of successful student results

Program Outcomes

    Upon completion of this prep-course, the student will:

1.    Have a thorough theoretical and practical preparation for the ARNAP/IENCAP conducted by Touchstone Institute, with the confidence to be successful with the assessment

2.    Demonstrate complete health history taking and interview skills

3.    Effectively demonstrate and communicate the ability to perform systematic physical examinations

4.    Organize and represent the domain of knowledge which involves critical thinking to provide holistic care to patient needs.

5.    Confidently demonstrate entry level RN competencies in a variety of case scenarios

6.    Have confidence with the MCQ exam by knowing how to apply the entry level RN competencies to a variety of clinical scenarios



For July and August, 2020 IENCAP Exam:

Course Dates: July 3-9 or 10, 2020

Location: Edmonton


For June, July and August, 2020 IENCAP Exam:

Course Dates: June 2-8 or 9, 2020

Location: Winnipeg

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