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Coronary Care Nursing 1 (Online Course)

Coronary Care Nursing 1 (Online Course)

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ONLINE LIVE COURSE - Facilitated with an Instructor

For RNs and RPNs

This is an in introductory course that has been designed to develop knowledge and competency in skills which enable the learner to recognize basic cardiac dysrhythmias and to anticipate appropriate interventions. This course also focuses on the nursing management of clients with coronary artery disease, post myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Please note: This is an accelerated course and will require several hours of pre and post class preparation to meet course objectives

Course Topics

  Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart

 Electrophysiology of the Heart

 Normal conduction and systematic approach to rhythm interpretation

 Identification of cardiac dysrhythmias and their implications

 Clinical and pharmacological management of the patient with life threatening dysrhythmias

 Nursing management of the cardiac compromised patient

 Cardiac output and factors that affect it

 Preload and Afterload 

 Myocardial infarction, Long and short term considerations of post MI patients

 Diagnostic procedures and implications for patient care

 Heart and pulmonary disease, signs and symptoms of failure

 Cardiac drugs-mechanism of action and implications for use

 ïƒ– Cardiac pacemakers

Students must purchase Textbook, ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy, 6th Edition (Lippincott), published Oct 21, 2015.  Available at www.amazon.ca or www.chapters.indigo.ca


Course Date: Please call for dates

Course Price: $595 including HST (textbook is extra)


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