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Adult Physical & Health Assessment for RNs & RPNs

Adult Physical & Health Assessment for RNs & RPNs

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Course Description

Please note: this course will require pre-class preparation. There will be a total 3 pre-class assignments that will be due at the beginning of each class and a comprehensive in class multiple choice exam on the last day.

This course is designed to assist nurses to refine their interviewing skills in conducting holistic health assessments to obtain relevant data to complete a health history and perform physical assessment across the adult lifespan. The course content will focus on culture diversity, communication, safety, therapeutic nurse-client relationships, history taking and basic techniques and skills in performing physical and psychosocial assessments. The participants are required to take an active role in group discussion, class participation, demonstration and learning practice activities.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course the students will demonstrate the ability to:

1.      Discuss the concepts of cultural diversity, sensitivity and competency in delivering holistic care.

2.      Demonstrate interviewing skills to elicit a concise and comprehensive health history.

3.      Demonstrate a systematic approach to perform adult physical assessment.

4.      Demonstrate physical examination appropriate to patient’s complaint and condition based on anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

5.      Describe normal and unexpected findings from the client history and physical examination and report these findings during transfer of accountability using ISBAR communication framework.

Learning Activities

A variety of delivery methods will be used to convey the course content including, but not limited to interactive group and class discussions, case scenario analysis, pre class assignments and homework and practice demonstration of physical assessment skills.

Course Content

·        Cultural Diversity and Effective Communication

·        Interview and Health History Taking

·        Physical Examination Techniques

·        Assessment of Pain, Head, Neck and Regional Lymphatic System

·        Assessment of Respiratory System         

·        Assessment of Cardiovascular System

·        Assessment of Gastrointestinal System

·        Assessment of Neurological and Musculoskeletal Systems

·        Assessment of Integumentary System

·        Assessment of Genitourinary and Reproductive Systems


Length of Course: 4 days

Course Fee: $600.00 including workbook

Course Dates:  Please call for dates

Location: HCPT College, 25 Lesmill Road, Unit #3, Toronto

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