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Apr 24th, 2019

Post by : Hcprofessionals

5 Key Personal Support Worker (PSW) Traits


Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are best known for their services towards people who need aid with regular activities of living, care and emotional support. Being a Personal Support Worker not only opens a hundred doors of opportunities in the healthcare industry, but requires you to facilitate a number of must have qualities. Caregivers are typically individuals who are warm hearted and skilled in terms of taking care of others.


Let’s explore some of the greatest skills you should possess to become a PSW.




  • Enjoy Helping Others


If you are one of those people who is passionate about helping others and want to make it as a career then you are meant to be a PSW. This is one of the most important skills that the employer will notice while hiring you. So, be a helping hand for a satisfied career growth.




  • Empathy & Compassion:


It is very important for a Caregiver to be empathic and compassionate towards their work. It eventually helps them to build a strong bond between the client and their family. People will want to open up more when you have a kind and tolerant nature.




  • Honesty & Trust:


Honesty and trust are two vital components to hold as a PSW. The importance of being true to your clients eventually builds a trust factor, so honesty and trust go hand in hand in this profession.




  • Dedication & Commitment:


Being dedicated and committed is the key to accomplishments when you are working as a PSW. You always have to remember that you are dealing with people who are not always mentally and physically aware. Hence, your devoted service towards handling your clients’ emotional and physical needs are important for a long term commitment.




  • Effective Communication Skills:


As a PSW having good written and verbal communication skills are a must because it requires communication with a lot of people during the shifts. Be it family members, the person you are taking care of or your agency supervisor, clear communication is a key to achieve success. Besides, you may need to make a meal chart or write your login details, flawless writing skill is also important.


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