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OSCE (IENCAP) Prep Course for Nurses in Ontario

OSCE (IENCAP) Prep Course for Nurses in Ontario

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"When CNO asked me to take the OSCE/IENCAP I immediately looked for resources for me to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills that I need in challenging the exam. I have heard about HCPT through a Facebook group that I follow. I did a little research about the centre and the reviews looked great as it shows a good number of students passing the exam. So I was convinced and I enrolled for the 8-day course taught by Analyn who is, no doubt, very much knowledgeable about the exam. She taught us how to attack the exam confidently because of the comprehensive Physical Assessment course and in-depth reviews of different types of scenarios. They also provide a mock type exam like the actual exam and Archna was very helpful in providing constructive and intelligent feedback. I was able to carry all these valuable learning with me on the exam day and I am just grateful that I decided to invest a little amount of time in attending the review because it is all worth it. I am very happy that I passed OSCE with the help of HCPT." -Liza, Aug 2017 OSCE


"I passed my OSCE. Thanks for all the support and guidance through our journey. Really appreciate your hard work. Also, thanks to all the other staff of HCPT -Nisha, Aug 2017 OSCE



"So happy to tell you that I have passed my osce. please pass this message to our dear instructors Analyn and Archna" -Lea Ann, Aug 2017 OSCE


“I have taken OSCE prep course from HCPT for the April 7, 2017 OSCE. I am pleased to inform you that I have received my results and I have passed OSCE. I want to say thanks to all the team of HCPT, especially our mentor for her guidance and support throughout the course.” Jasmeen, HCPT College Student


“I am happy to inform you that I passed OSCE Examination by God's grace. I appeared for OSCE Examination on February 23rd 2017.I am really thankful to my OSCE instructor for all the guidance and support which helped me to achieve this goal. Moreover heartfelt thanks to all of the HCPT team for arranging such a helpful OSCE preparation course.” Gisha, HCPT College Student


I passed my OSCE. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without all of you guys, especially say my thanks to my teacher. Gurkanwa, HCPT College Student


I would like to thank HCPT for helping me to be successful in my OSCE exam. To my teacher and to the rest of HCPT admin and staff you did a great job in making my RN dreams come true.

Thank you very much.  Julie, HCPT College Student


Happy to let you know I passed OSCE. Thanks so much to my teacher and the HCPT team. The learnings, demos and feedback definitely helped me in the exam...  More power to HCPT. Jocelyn, HCPT College Student


Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP)

 An important part of the application process for all internationally educated nurses is determining nursing program equivalency, for registration as a Registered Nurse.  For RN applicants, this means the College of Nurses of Ontario evaluates the educational background to determine if you have successfully completed a program of study that has prepared you with the nursing knowledge, skill and judgment equal to that of a recent graduate of a Canadian university baccalaureate nursing program.


 If the College has determined that your program does not meet the program requirement, then you will be asked to complete an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) before the College can proceed with your application. 


This program will help the nurses to prepare and build confidence for participating in OSCE. This eight day prep-course will assist nurses to identify strategies to enhance performance in standardized assessment process through hands-on experience. The participants will gain an understanding of how to effectively demonstrate and communicate their ability to conduct clinical assessment in a safe learning environment. The program will further allow the participants to take a history, conduct physiological measurement, manage challenging communication, make a diagnosis and develop a plan of care for treating patients' while maintaining an appropriate attitude to a patient or situation. 


Program Benefits & Highlights 

ü  Designed for Internationally Educated Nurses

ü  Eight day (8) comprehensive prep-course

ü  4 day Health Assessment and system based interactive lectures along with simulation to develop critical thinking skills and knowledge application

ü  4 days of clinical skills encounters and case scenario:

  • To demonstrate health history taking
  • Interview skills, and
  • Perform a complete physical examination
  • Experience simulated continuous testing on the last day, similar to exam at Touchstone

ü  Pre and post multiple choice test to assess knowledge of National RN Competencies 

ü  Experienced Facilitators with a history of successful student results


Program Outcomes:

 Upon completion of this prep-course, the participant will be able to:

1.Perform a complete health history,  interview skills and transfer of accountability (TOA)

2.Competently  perform a systematic physical examinations and pain assessment using standardized patients based on the clinical case scenarios

3.Demonstrate therapeutic communication skills and critical thinking in a variety of patient encounters

4.Demonstrate entry level application of all RN national competencies to nursing practice 

5. Obtain a Certificate in Adult Physical and Health Assesment 

Course Length: 8 Days (weekends)

Course Dates for June 26, 2018 OSCE at Touchstone Institute

May 12,13,26,27,June 2,3,9,10 OR 16, 2018  (Spaces Added)


Course Dates for August 16, 2018 OSCE at Touchstone Institute

July 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29, 2018


Course Dates for November 22, 2018 OSCE at Touchstone Institute Oct 20,21,27,28, Nov 3,4,10,11


Course Dates for January 23, 2019 OSCE at Touchstone Institute (TBD)

Course Dates for February 21, 2019 OSCE at Touchstone Institute (TBD)



Course Price (8 days): $995 including Textbook and materials

Location: HCPT College, 25 Lesmill Road #3, Toronto,ON

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