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Coronary Care Nursing 2

Coronary Care Nursing 2

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Coronary Care Nursing 2 will continue to expand on the material learned in the Coronary Care Nursing 1 course, with a major focus on 12 & 15 Lead ECG Interpretation.

Please Note: Students Must be a RN or RPN and have successfully completed Coronary Care Nursing 1 to take this course OR can write a challenge exam

(Contact us at admin@hcprofessionals.com for more information)

Course Topics:

  • Describe cardio‚Äźregulatory mechanisms

  • Understand 12 lead ECG interpretation and clinical manifestations

  • Describe ECG changes with myocardial infarction

  • Explain ischemic, injured and infarcted tissue changes and identification on the ECG

  • Interpret sinus, junctional and ventricular dysrhythmias

  • Describe common causes and management of dysrhythmias

  • Understand ectopic, aberrant and escape beats

  • Explain indications for cardiac pacing

  • Identify bundle branch blocks and the physiological changes

  • Recognize pacemaker ECG tracings and nursing management of  pacemaker malfunction

  • Describe the antiarrhythmic drug classification system and the action on the heart

Pre and post class preparation will be required to meet course objectives

Students must purchase Textbook, ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy, 6th Edition (Lippincott), published Oct 21, 2015.  Available at www.amazon.ca or www.chapters.indigo.ca

Course Dates: August 24,31,Sept 7,14,21, 2017 (Thursdays)

Time: 0900-1700 

Course Location:On-site at St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto


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